Zero Waste Travel Tips

Here are a few of our tried and tested tips and tricks on how to use less plastic when travelling! Our ideas will help you to create your own zero waste travel kit, ready for your next adventure…

Whether it’s a holiday of a lifetime or a weekend away visiting family and friends, travelling overnight often means plastic miniatures, snacks brought from service stations and an emergency toothbrush purchase!

Organisation is definitely half the battle when it comes to zero-waste travel, but hopefully our tips and tricks will help you a little bit. We’ve included ideas that work for both home and away, and of course some clever ways to utilise our wonderful beeswax wraps and vegan wax wraps!

If you’ve got any ideas to add to our list, email us to let us know and we’ll share them with everyone below.

Reusable Travel Toiletries

There’s no denying miniature toiletries are a waste of both plastic and money, and never quite stretch as far as you’d like. But, they’re compact and convenient right? Here are a few zero-waste ideas which tick both of those boxes!

You can go completely plastic-free by switching from liquid soap and shampoo to solid bars, and by using solid deodorant. Available from places like Lush and our favourite eco-shop Peace With The Wild, not only will these bars last much much longer than liquid or aerosol, but they also help with liquid restrictions when flying!

Our favourite solid soap bars are from our friends and neighbours Soap Folk, and the best solid shampoo we’ve tried is from Peace with the Wild. For solid deodorants, this Lush one is our favourite. 

You can buy tins for storing and transporting your soap bars in, but make sure they are completely dry before using otherwise everything goes a little slimy! Our beeswax wraps are also useful for wrapping solid soap in and can be used even if the bar is still a little wet, win win.

As well as using to wrap your solid soap bars, wrap your beeswax wraps around your toothbrush head to keep it protected when travelling. A pack of our Bits & Bobs wraps or our Two Combo Packs will be plenty to wrap everything you need!

If you’re adamant about sticking with liquid soap and shampoo (there are some brilliant liquid refill stores out there!), then buy mini reusable bottles that you can top up with your favourite soaps and shampoos every time you travel.

Another toiletry which is often overlooked is suncream. Don’t get caught out and end up buying a big plastic bottle when you’re away, instead we recommend this brilliant natural, vegan sunscreen from our friends Peace With The Wild.

Zero Waste Travel & Transport

While public transport is great for reducing congestion and your carbon footprint, it’s easy to end up with reams of paper tickets and check-in details, and fall prey to the plastic-covered snacks and single use water bottles.

Try and plan ahead and go paperless where possible, whether it’s with digital check ins or e-tickets. If you’re flying, have a look at the airlines with the best eco-credentials and support them if you can. Etihad Airways removed all single-use plastics from their long haul flights in 2019 after revealing it uses 27 million single-use plastic coffee cup lids every year! Not perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Don’t be afraid to ask for your water bottle to be refilled, most places will happily do this for you. The same goes for drinks and snacks, take your reusable coffee cup to use on trains and aeroplanes and ask for fresh food to be given to you on a beeswax wrap or your own reusable napkin rather than on a disposable plate or napkin. Bringing your own snacks will not only save on plastic but money too.

Plastic Free Holiday

If you’re off on holiday for a week or two (lucky you!), then think about what you might need to avoid unnecessary plastic whilst away.

For food shopping, we highly recommend sampling all the local food at markets, bakeries and fresh produce stores. Take your beeswax wraps, reusable produce bags and tote bags to help you shop without needing to use any single use plastic or paper.

For cleaning, Soap Nut Shells are a great and natural alternative to liquid laundry soap. Small enough to pop in your luggage, you need five nuts per wash and they can then be used up to four times! You can learn more about Soap Nut Shells and how to use them here

Travel Essentials

Make a note of this handy checklist of all of the essential items you need to enjoy a zero waste trip:

  • Reusable water bottle
  • Reusable coffee cup
  • Solid shampoo, soap and deodorant bars
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste wrapped in a beeswax wraps
  • Reusable utensils
  • Extra beeswax wraps and reusable produce bags
  • Homemade food and snacks
  • Tote bags
  • Digital tickets and travel information
  • Soap Nut Shells (for longer breaks that involve laundry!!)