Zero-Waste Shops Near You

Explore the largest directory of zero-waste shops in the UK.

We’re proud to have created a directory of over 200 plastic-free shops, to help you find a zero-waste shop near you!

Whether you’re looking for packaging-free fruit and veg, zero-waste toiletries and cleaning products, or bulk dried food refills, we’ve got you covered.

Make the move to zero-waste shopping and support some fab independents along the way. Take a look below for our tips and tricks for plastic-free shopping.

Our Top Tips For Zero Waste Shopping

Bring Your Own Containers

Zero-waste shops sell their own reusable containers, but you’ll save money and have more choice if you bring your own. We recommend always bringing a selection of drawstring bags, a few cotton tote bags for larger items, airtight glass or plastic containers, and a bundle of beeswax wraps made into pouches for dried goods, and ready to wrap up bakery items.

When you arrive, weigh your containers when they are empty. This will make it easier and more accurate when weighing the food you are buying. If you’re buying liquids, try and keep a note of how much liquid fits into one container to make the purchase easier.

Shop Local

Being zero-waste is also about reducing your overall carbon footprint; both in terms of the food you are buying but also the distance you are travelling to stock up. Buying local also helps to support independents in your area and keeps your local economy thriving.

Support your local greengrocer and buy seasonal, British fruit and vegetables. If you eat meat, shop with your local butcher, and find your local zero-waste shop using our handy map!

Stock Up & Buy In Bulk

This will save you both time and money! The perks of bringing your own container is that it can be as little or big as you like, and you can fill it to the rafters! Buying dried goods and foods in bulk generally reduces the overall costs and means you only need to stock up occasionally. The same goes for toiletries and cleaning products, you can stock up on much more shampoo than the bottles available from big supermarkets.

Buying in bulk is also a planet-friendly option for products that need to come in their own packaging. It’s not ideal to need packaging, but if it can’t be avoided then buying in bulk will help cut the overall plastic-waste.

Psst… we also have a handy Milk Refill Station Map!

Frequently Asked Zero Waste Shopping Questions

A zero waste store is a shop that offers products with little or no packaging to help you eliminate waste . Zero waste stores sell food and drinks, toiletries, cleaning products and other plastic-free products like gifts and storage containers.

When shopping in a zero waste store, you will be required to purchase reusable or returnable packaging and containers such as glass Kilner jars, beeswax wraps or cotton bags. You can also bring your own containers from home and reuse old containers and plastic packaging. Some products may be packaged, but that packaging will always be reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

Zero-waste shops allow you to buy the products you love without worrying about the negative impact on the environment.

Shopping at zero waste stores is a brilliant way to help reduce household waste. With the UK generating around 2.4 million tonnes of packaging waste per year*, making the switch to zero-waste stores will help you to reduce this scary figure and contribute to a more plastic-free planet.

It’s easy to buy dried goods in glass containers that can easily be stored at home, and shopping without the restriction of packaging allows you to buy exactly as much as you need and no more; saving on food waste too.

In most zero-waste shops you can buy loose food produce such as fruit and vegetables, dried goods such as pasta, pulses, rice and grains, snacks such as fruit, nuts and chocolate, and a selection of tea, coffee, and drinks such as dairy or dairy-free milk.

You can also find many household items such as cleaning products and self-care and body products. Reusable kitchen cleaner, plastic-free washing up soaps and scourers and household cleaners are popular additions to most zero-waste shops. You can also find reusable shampoos and shower gels, as well as solid soaps and shampoos and many plastic-free beauty products too.

A lot of zero waste shops also offer more consciously sourced products, such as fair trade products, organic alternatives and vegan products. Many of our favourite companies from our Eco Brand Directory can be found in zero-waste shops.

It is a myth that zero-waste shops are more expensive. Prices are generally charged per weight or quantity. It may seem slightly more expensive but this is generally because of the quality of the products; often a superior fairtrade version of what you may usually buy. Because you are only buying in quantities you need, shopping plastic-free helps to keep your shopping in-budget and reduces unused food waste, so every penny is used!

Yes! All loose food is stored in containers with a lid and includes hygienic scoops. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many zero waste shops have started giving out recyclable gloves, and often the store staff will serve you to limit contact with containers and food stuff.

Have we missed a zero-waste shop near you? Let us know below and we will add it to our map!