Why Which? say we’re the Best!

We’ve been reviewed by Which?

Finding the best alternative to plastic cling film can be quite a minefield, there are so many brands and businesses offering brilliant (and some not-so-brilliant) solutions. Whether it’s different brands of beeswax wraps, or other alternatives like plastic-free cling film or foil, knowing what’s genuinely best can often involve expensive trial-and-error.

We’re delighted to have been reviewed by Which? alongside other  ideas for storing food; compostable cling film (which isn’t suitable for use with food!), recycled foil, and Tesco own-brand cling film and kitchen foil. We’re blooming chuffed to say that our beeswax wraps were Which?’s winner!

Why our Wraps are Best

1. Keeping Food Fresh

Our Beeswax Wraps are handmade from materials that are breathable and naturally antibacterial, making them perfect for keeping your food fresh. After five days of testing, Which? found that the apple slice stored in our beeswax wrap was still moist without a brown edge in sight! Use our wraps for covering fresh fruit and veggies to keep them crisp for ages, and wrap your fresh loaves to keep them soft and mould-free.

2. Storing Sandwiches

After a youth of soggy cling-filmed sandwiches, this was most important to me! Our wraps are brilliant at keeping bread fresh, and the breathable cotton stops any moisture build up during the day. Which? found that after a day of being stored, beeswax wrap covered sandwiches were just as good, and were less soggy than eco-foil and cling film covered sandwiches!

Which? rated beeswax wraps

Which? reviewed beeswax wraps

3. Storing Smelly Food

Love cheese but hate the smelly fridge? Us too! Which? found that covering cheese with our beeswax wraps stopped any smell of stilton from overpowering your senses! As well as stopping smells escaping, our wraps also don’t hold the smell over overpowering food like onions. As long as you give them a proper wash after use, you’ll have no idea what smelly food you might have covered before!

4. Easy to Use

Place your wrap over, under or around whatever you’d like to store and use the heat of your hands to release the naturally adhesive seal and voila! You’ve created a tight seal to keep your food fresh. We’re proud that our beeswax wraps came out top in Which? ‘s ease-of-use test. According to Which? they’re sticky (without leaving a sticky mess!), work well in the fridge and freezer, and are easy to clean too.

Which? best for keeping food fresh

We’re absolutely over the moon that Which? selected our wraps as the winner! Our winning traits beingversatility, ease of use and ability to keep food fresh’.