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Our handy video tutorials will teach you the basics from how to wash your beeswax wraps to refreshing them to last even longer.

And if you really want to go to town, check out our techniques for making pouches, bags and boxes!

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How to fold a Beeswax Wrap

Super simple, take a look at our self-sealing beeswax food wraps in action!


How to clean a Beeswax Wrap

All you need is cold water, a mild washing up liquid and a brush or sponge for any scrubbing.


How to make Beeswax Wraps using our DIY Kit

Follow this tutorial to learn how to make your own beeswax wraps using our clever DIY Kit.


How to make a Beeswax Wrap Piping Bag

If you’re an avid baker looking for a plastic-free alternative to piping bags, you’ve come to the right place!

Up Keep

How to refresh Beeswax Wraps using an iron

An easy-to-follow tutorial to help keep your wraps in tip top condition and last even longer.

Up Keep

How to refresh Beeswax Wraps using an electric oven

Be sure to check your oven is electric only before following this easy tutorial, wax is highly flammable!

Up Keep

How to use our Rewax Bars to refresh your Wraps

Everything you need to know about using these little blocks of wonder to give your wraps a new lease of life!

Tips & Tricks

Wrap bread in Beeswax Wraps

Use our extra-large wrap to cover your loaves and keep bread fresh for longer.

Tips & Tricks

Make a snack Beeswax Wrap Pouch

An easy-peasy three step video to make a simple pouch for storing snacks and lunchbox treats.

Tips & Tricks

Make a food pouch with Beeswax Wraps

Make a food pouch for storing snacks or collecting dried grains and pulses from your local zero-waste shop

Tips & Tricks

Make a box with Beeswax Wraps

Perfect for plastic-free punnets of strawberries, make a box to take on your next blackberry foraging trip!

Tips & Tricks

How to use our Beeswax Eco Friendly Firelighters

An eco-friendly, clean burning alternative to nasty firelighters. Great for BBQs, bonfires and campfires as well as log burners.

Tips & Tricks

How to rescue Mouldy Wax Wraps

Our wraps can be refreshed, re-waxed and even saved from mould. Watch this video to see how!


How Our Wraps Help the National Trust

Each National Trust wrap pack sold donates funds to the conservation of bees & wildlife at National Trust sites across the UK. Watch this video to see where your donations go.

Up Keep

How To Use Wax Pennies

Use our easy peasy Wax Pennies to refresh or create beeswax wraps! Simpler than ever, our Wax Pennies have been created to replace our rewax bars for a quicker re-waxing experience.