The Vegan Wax Wrap Co.

Hello, we’re The Vegan Wax Wrap Co., sister brand to TBWCo.

We handcraft 100% vegan and plant-based wax wraps in our workshop in the Cotswolds.

Find out more about our Vegan Society Registered collection below.

About Us

Our vegan wax wrap collection was created because of all of your wonderful requests for a vegan alternative to our handmade beeswax wraps. We spent six months researching, testing and developing a 100% vegan and plant-based wax that worked perfectly for wax food wraps, and voila; our vegan food wraps were born!

We’re proud to offer a collection of vegan wax wraps, to allow everyone to make plastic-free switches in their homes. Our wraps are handmade in our Cotswolds workshop using a plant-based wax blend that is both soy and palm oil free. 

We’ve worked with The Vegan Society to become the first vegan certified wax wrap company, we’re a proud B Corp company, we’re reducing carbon with The Planet Mark, and we present all of your wraps in our World Land Trust certified recycled packaging.

About Our Wraps

Vegan Wax Wraps Handmade In The UK

Resealable Vegan Wax Wraps

Rewaxable Vegan Wax Wraps

Consciously Sourced Materials

Vegan Wax Wraps Keep Food Fresh

Vegan Wax Wraps Completely Plastic Free

All of our vegan wax wraps are handmade by our brilliant team in our Cotswolds workshop. We use 100% organic cotton and a secret blend of 100% vegan plant-based waxes, including organic jojoba oil, sumac wax, sunflower wax, rice bran wax and hydrogenated castor oil.

When creating our plant-based wax wraps, it was important to us that we really thought about the materials and ingredients we use. Our cotton is GOTS certified organic and printed with organic vegan dyes, and our wax blend is free from soy and palm-oil. Soy crops have hugely detrimental effects on our environment, and the palm oil industry causes devastating effects to the world’s forests, wildlife and climate. It is incredibly important that our vegan wraps aren’t contributing to a problem we are so passionate about solving.

Our vegan society registered wraps are super easy to use; place your wrap over, under or around whatever you’d like to store and use the heat of your hands to release the naturally adhesive seal. 

In between uses, simply wash with cold water and dishwashing soap and hang to dry before storing for next time!

For tips and tricks on using your wraps, including clever ideas and a few house rules, follow our guide on How To Use Your Wraps.

Our Collection

Whilst keeping your food fresh we also want it to look good too, which is why we’ve got lots of different designs and prints in our vegan collection. Choose from our classic ‘keep it fresh’ print, which does what it says on the tin, or our new Harvest collection inspired by the countryside surrounding our workshop.

We’ve also been lucky enough to collaborate with other brilliant businesses to bring two exclusive collaborations:

  • Our first ever collaboration was with fellow female-led cotswolds company Jelly Armchair. Cat & Liz have shared two of their favourite characterful and punny prints to create two collections: Authorful Puns and Avocado Park.
  • Our second collaboration is with the prestigious charity the National Trust. Inspired by wildflowers and pollinators found in our much loved countryside, a percentage of sales from each National Trust Collection sold goes to support their vital conservation work.

As well as our wraps, we also offer some brilliant other products:

  • Our secret blend Rewax Bar, which helps to refresh and revitalise your old wraps. Use after a few months to give your wraps another lease of life! 
  • Our Bits & Bobs Pack, which includes ten extra small wraps that we honestly couldn’t be without. Perfect for half a lemon, covering a milk bottle, or even keeping an open bottle of wine fresh!
  • Two brilliant vegan gift ideas; a Vegan Wax Wrap DIY Kit, and our Vegan Sourdough Bread Bundle.
  • Our bumper Full House Bundle which includes one extra-large, one large, two medium, two small, ten extra-small wraps and a handy rewax bar too!

Tips & Tricks

Vegan Wax Wrap Pouch

Easy to use and care for, once you’ve used your wrap simply wash with cold water and dishwashing soap (you can give them a good scrub!) and hang to dry. Store by rolling or folding and keeping in a cool space until next time.

After a few months to a year of use you may find your vegan wax wraps losing their stickiness and going a little floppy; this is where our Rewax Bar comes in! Use to refresh and revitalise up to five vegan wraps to make them as good as new. Follow our Refresher Tutorial for an easy step-by-step guide.

Learn more about Caring For Your Wraps on our handy information page.

Our vegan wraps have many clever uses, here are a few of our favourites:

  • Use for storing solid soap and shampoo bars when travelling.
  • Transform into a plastic-free piping bag for cakes and baking.
  • Keep your loaf of bread fresh for longer.
  • They make a great non-stick surface for rolling dough and pastry (as well as storing the leftovers!)
  • Cover your toothbrush head when travelling.
  • Make a handy pouch for storing snacks or as a salad bag.
  • Cover a dish of leftovers or a dessert.