Making The Most Of Your Beeswax Wraps

Our Beeswax Wraps are versatile little numbers, all you need are a few folds and voila! you have a great little sandwich pouch or a box to keep your soft fruit free from getting squished in the fridge. We have made a few videos to show you some simple bags, pouches and boxes to get you started after your purchase, but sometimes you just need to freestyle so do share with us if you create a new Beeswax wrap masterpiece. 


The Basics - Using Your Beeswax Wrap

This may be a little bit like teaching you to suck eggs, but we thought as this is a fairly new product it is always good to cover the basics. When wrapping anything you just need to use the heat of your hand to help seal the Beeswax Wrap to itself.  If you are covering leftovers just make sure it has completely cooled before you use your wrap.

How To Clean Beeswax Wraps

It's super simple, a splash of gentle dishwashing liquid and a bit of cool water.

Refreshing Your Beeswax Wrap - Electric Oven Method

We recommend refreshing your Beeswax Wraps every few months to help keep them fresh and sticky. It's really easy to do and will make your Beeswax Wrap feel almost brand new again. Please note this method is only for electric ovens not gas ovens. If you have a gas oven please follow the Iron Refresh Method which you can find below.

Refreshing Your Beeswax Wrap - Iron Method

We recommend refreshing your wraps every few months to keep them nice and sticky. The iron method is super simple and quick. Great for refreshing larger wraps that you can’t fit on a tray in your oven or if you have a gas oven so cannot use the oven method.

Using Our Beeswax Wrap Refresher Blocks

If you have bought one of our Beeswax Wrap Refresher Blocks and now need to know what to do, check out the video below for our guide on how to bring your wraps back to life!

Fresh Bread For Longer - Yes Please

There really is nothing like homemade or fresh bread from the bakery, but that crunchy crust and soft inside doesn't last long if you keep it in the paper bag or your bread tin. Because our Beeswax Wraps are breathable they allow the nasties to float away leaving your bread free to chill and stay super fresh for much longer. Plus the bit we love is that you don't get the rubbish dry end once you have sliced it, it stays soft and tasty so no wastage.

Simple Food Pouch In Seconds - Boom!

This one is super simple even kids can do it! Few quick folds and you have a pouch to keep your snacks in for the day, no plastic, no landfill just a feeling of, 'hey i'm doing my bit'. just remember to use the heat of your hand to seal the Beeswax Wrap to itself.

Getting Flashy - How To Make A Beeswax Wrap Box

We use these boxes all the time, they are great for storing bits in the fridge or freezer, you can make two and use one as a lid. The key to nailing this is time, give yourself 10 mins just to fiddle and before you know it the tricky corner fold at the end will happen and you will think, 'yes I am an origami master'. We have found it also really impresses children if you need to keep them entertained for a bit. And as a side note, this fold is brilliant for making boxes for presents, we have a stack of old music paper that we used to make loads of gift boxes last Christmas.

Beeswax Wrap Food Pouch Grade 2 - Slightly harder but still do-able

This pouch is great, a bit sturdier than the simple food pouch, great for sandwiches in your little ones lunch boxes, also great for carrying snacks around in your handbag. There is a little pocket bit at the front too to pop a napkin in.

Beeswax Wrap Piping Bag Tutorial - It works perfectly!

We discovered this when I had run out of my usual plastic, use once piping bags. I am so glad i did, these are so much better and once again they have helped cutdown on my single use plastics, hurrah!