Shop Smarter This Black Friday

Help us turn Black Friday a little more Green

Black Friday is that dreaded week of the year. The retail giants sell excess stock they’ve been collecting all year for crazy low prices, pushing out indies and smaller competition and spending fortunes on advertising anything and everything to us!

We get it, Christmas is expensive and getting a good deal on something you want or need is fab.  But this year we’d like to encourage you to shop smarter and help us turn Black Friday a little more green.

Instead of running head first into Black Friday and being sidelined by unnecessary offers, think about what you need and the company you are buying from. What are their eco credentials? Are they sustainable? What do they do to counteract any negative impact their business has on the environment? How much plastic do they use in their products and packaging? 


When shopping this Black Friday, consider the following to shop smarter and greener:

Eco Credentials

Any good company will be honest about their eco-credentials and what they are doing to be kinder to our planet. Be aware of big brands greenwashing; using buzz words and products with few ethical credentials to convince you they are kind to the planet. Don’t be afraid to ask where their products have come from, what materials are used, about their packaging and their business practices. It only takes a quick call or chat on social media.

Buying from and supporting local businesses is a quick and easy way to help do a little better (compared to shopping on Amazon anyway!); you are supporting your local economy and helping to keep crafts and creativity alive. Look for products which have been handmade and hand designed, they often have smaller carbon footprints and make much better gifts!

B Corp

The easiest way to spot a company that is kind to its people and the planet is by looking out for the B Corp logo. B Corp is a international certification that measures all areas of a business to capture full insight into the care of it’s people, the quality of it’s materials (including the communities the production of these materials support), and the environmental impact of the business.

You can easily search for products and brands on the B Corp website, using their directory to fully explore the impact of each company.

It’s worth noting that B Corp is a paid for service, but its costs are relative to the businesses size and profit, making it accessible for most established companies. Why not take a look at our B Corp impact report?

Do you really need it?

The age old question! It can be so easy to get carried away buying gifts for yourself without a second thought when there’s a good sale on. Being more considerate of what you’re buying is a great way to reduce plastic consumption and be kinder to our planet. Our Eco Christmas Gift List discusses the value of only buying things that will be useful for years to come, you know the old saying “buy well, buy once.”!

By making a list of what you need (whether it’s a treat for yourself or a Christmas gift for family!) before Black Friday, you can explore offers and deals with a clear plan. That’s not to say you won’t be distracted by flying advert banners across the internet, but hopefully it will help you spend more wisely and buy better.

We’ve teamed with a few of our favourite eco-brands to inspire your Black Friday shopping:

Klean Kanteen

A fellow B Corp member, we LOVE Klean Kanteen’s water bottles. They’re the perfect size, completely spill proof and come in a variety of fab colours. This Black Friday (2019) they have limited offers on their classic bottle, TKPro insulated flask and selected end-of-line products. The perfect gift for anyone always on the go (or in desperate need of ditching the disposable water bottles!), we’d also get one for ourselves.

Yeo Valley

Another favourite of ours, west-country based Yeo Valley aren’t running any Black Friday offers directly but instead are encouraging customers to make memories and do more, rather than spending and accumulating more. If, like us, you often buy from Yeo Valley, do you collect your Yeokens? They are great for free goodies, discounts and days out, and can even be donated to charity! Visit to find out more.

Tony’s Chocolonely

The perfect switch for naff chocolate stocking fillers, Tony’s Chocolonely not only looks and tastes AMAZING but does good too. They are campaigning for 100% slave-free chocolate (theirs already is but they are encouraging other chocolatiers to follow suit). They aren’t running any offers directly but can be found in many different shops so keep your eyes peeled on your local supermarket shelf- we promise it’ll go down a storm!



Ideal if you want to feel super smug about organising your Christmas feast well in advance AND doing good. Farmdrop are teaming with a fab charity Bumblebee Conservation Trust for Black Friday by donating 2.5% of all revenue made this weekend, which does even more good. Visit for more information and ordering.


If you know of any other brilliant brands and businesses running offers for Black Friday, send us an email and we’ll add them to our list!