Prue Leith Beeswax Wraps

Prue Leith Beeswax Wraps

A true culinary expert with an absolutely delightful eye for design, it’s a real pleasure to introduce our collaboration with Prue Leith

Probably best known for her extensive collection of bestselling cookery books, offering her culinary expertise and opinion on television, and for the Michelin star Leith’s Restaurants, Prue Leith is a household name in the food business. We were first introduced after giving Prue some of our beeswax wraps a few years ago and then seeing her raving about them (and how well they cover cheese!) on social media last year, and that’s how our exciting partnership began!

“Discovering The Beeswax Wrap Co.’s products was a wonderful thing for me. A pleasure to use, they are quick, easy, efficient, reusable, and also very pretty!  Long gone are the days of using cling film. We never thought we’d rue the day of a product that liberated us from using damp tea towels to cover food, but with single-use plastic causing immeasurable harm to the environment, rue it we do! No more guilty conscience about using cling film, only beautiful eco-friendly beeswax wraps.” – Prue Leith

Our exclusive collection of Prue Leith Beeswax Wraps features three bold and colourful geometric designs, all designed and created by us for Prue, reflecting her fun and colourful style.

We spoke to Prue about our new collaboration, all things food, and being a fellow Cotswolds local.

What inspired your collaboration with The Beeswax Wrap Co.?

Someone gave me a pack of The Beeswax Co.’s wraps and I found them just delightful to use. So much EASIER than trying to wrap a lump of cheese with greaseproof paper and rubber bands, or fiddling about with a foil dispenser or clingfilm, and gloriously, no guilty conscience about plastic!

What are your three kitchen essentials?  

Apart from my beeswax wraps, my ancient Robotchef which chops and heats, grates and liquidisers. I’ve had it for over thirty years and refuse to have a modern one because this one does everything I could possibly want.  And finally there is my Lakeland bright red rubber flexible fits-all-sizes saucepan lid. 

As well as being a world renowned chef and TV personality, you are an exceptional businesswomen. What advice would you give to other women in business?  

There is nothing as exciting as your own business. But also nothing as draining. Don’t go it alone if you haven’t the stamina of an ox, patience of a saint and actually LIKE responsibility and stress!

What is your favourite meal to make at home? 

It changes. Right now it’s a Savoury Bread and Butter pudding made with stale bread spread with pesto and layered up with cooked onion, tomato and garlic and baked in a cheesy herby custard. Yum.

You live in the Cotswolds, what is your favourite thing about living here and what inspired your move out of London?  

My favourite thing is the view out of our windows: rolling English countryside.  We moved to the country because my two-year-olds, Daniel and Li-Da were driving me mad in a fifth floor London flat. And besides, I wanted to start a duck farm. We were selling 16 portions of duck a night in my restaurant and I thought it would be cheaper to raise the birds than buy them. I was wrong!

When talking about our collaboration, Prue Leith said

“I’m a self-made businesswomen so I know what it takes to build your own company: a lot of hard work, anxiety, and false starts. But also enormous satisfaction in getting it right. Which is why I was so enchanted by The Beeswax Wrap Co. Started by a young woman at the proverbial kitchen table with the aim of producing eco-friendly wraps that did the job without harming the planet, the company has grown fast in its first years. The team has big ideas, but never at the cost of their principles. They employ local women, they use only organic cotton from a co-operative in India and they source their wax from local beekeepers. They even encourage you to give your year-old wraps a new lease of life by re-waxing them at home. I’m not really a designer but it seemed like a great opportunity to bring the bold colours and vibrant patterns I love into the kitchen. And working with the Beeswax team has been great fun. I love my wraps.”

Explore our Prue Leith Beeswax Wraps collection now. Available in four pack sizes and including an assortment of three exclusive geometric designs.

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