Plastic-Free Lesson Plan

Children of today are already incredibly intune with the environmental crisis we are facing and the devastating impacts of climate change. They are inspiring us, and we hope as a generation they inspire change for the future. Having come from a background in teaching, I want to put my experience towards providing tools for teachers to bring climate change and plastic free lessons to the classroom. I’ve created a free plastic-free school resource that can be used for KS2 and KS3 classrooms. It provides a foundation for an interactive lesson exploring the impact of plastics on our environment, and our reliance on plastic in our everyday lives. This plastic free lesson plan will enable your students to get a deeper understanding of climate change issues. It will also provide ideas for proactive and productive solutions for their home, school and local community. We’d love your feedback on how to develop this lesson plan, and how your classrooms have responded to it. Get in touch with us, and pass the lesson plan onto anyone you think may enjoy it. If you’re a parent, print it out and pass onto your children’s teachers.