Owning A Small Business: A Day In My Life

Owning a small business is a huge blessing that comes with a lot of it’s own challenges, and often the thought of creating your own company can be a little daunting. I want to share with you what a day in my life is like, to prove that you can be your own boss and watch your passion flourish!

Since starting The Beeswax Wrap Co. at my kitchen table three years ago, our wonderful little company (and the world around us!) has changed my life beyond belief. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember all the hard work involved in growing TBWCo., and how far we’ve come since the days of 16 hour days and countless hours mixing our secret wax blend!

Owning a small business and being a mum means that my days are pretty hectic, but i’m a firm believer that it is possible to excel at both with a lot of grit, determination, and a strong support network! While no two days are really the same for me, here’s a little insight into what they’re like at the moment…

Owning a Small Business: Fran Beer founder of The Beeswax Wrap Co.

4am – 6am

I am delicately slapped on the face by my 9 month old, eager to start his day (Our sleep training is going really well!)


My husband Tom (our Operations & Sales Director) and I tag team the morning to-do list of getting our little one ready, vacuuming the house (we have pets that look like they shed their entire coats every evening and then have a mud fight!), walking the dog and getting ourselves ready before our really lovely nanny arrives to takeover.


Before lockdown this would be when we head off to the workshop which is only 5 mins from our house but now I pop upstairs to my makeshift desk in our room, and Tom hot desks around the house.


This is when I am in full work mode. I feel extremely lucky to have our business at a stage where I can be flexible with my hours. This is definitely a world away from where I was a year or so ago, my workday would start at 7am and not really finish until I fell asleep. Owning a small business has been quite a challenge for my work-life balance, but I feel like I’m finally finding that balance.


I try to get all my meetings done in the morning as my brain starts to fog over by about 3pm. We are at a super exciting stage in our business’s growth. We grew so quickly that the first 3 years were all about just surviving and getting the orders out. Now we have the time and the team to be able to start putting a proper business strategy together, so along with the Leadership Team, I have been working on our 5-year roadmap which is looking extremely exciting, full of brilliant new waste-saving products and sustainability initiatives.


Usually still in meetings, we are a very close-knit team so we have to be very strict with ourselves that the meetings don’t run over, we can get so excited about projects we are working on that we have to keep pulling ourselves back from going off on tangents about more cool things we could do.

Owning a Small Business: Fran Beer founder of The Beeswax Wrap Co.


Lunchtime! I love this bit of my day, I get to sit and have lunch with my little one and catch up on what he has been up to, which generally amounts to a lot of singing, throwing things and dribbling.


At the moment I am working on our submission of figures for our yearly Planet Mark review. Last year they calculated our carbon footprint and set us targets to reduce our footprint over the year, and this is the nerve-racking bit to see if we have reached our goals! They then set us targets for the coming year which is a great way to focus us on the mission ahead.


By this time of the day I like to just go into creative mode, whether that is thinking about new product development or taking photos and videos for our social accounts. I have always been a crafter so it is lovely to still have this as part of my role in the company.


This is the end of my work day. Tea and biscuit time, a cuddle with my cheeky little boy, and a download of the day between Tom and I to make sure we have all bases covered.

Love Fran x

I hope this helps provide a little insight into what owning a small business (and having a family!) is like. It has taken a few years of extremely hard work and a team of wonderful people to get to where we are today, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Read more about our little business, my background, and sustainability in my interview with the Planet Mark.