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Shopping sustainably should be easier than ever now, but often it can still be a little daunting. With more and more companies greenwashing and using sustainable terms without the environmental practices to back them up, it’s hard to know who to support and exactly who you are buying from. But we’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly gifts for Christmas’ or birthdays, for plastic-free products, or just on the lookout for inspiring brands and small businesses to support, we’ve put together a guide featuring some of our favourite eco-friendly brands.

Covering a range of products from plastic-free deodorant to zero-waste food delivery boxes and more, we’ve also got a selection of our very own curated eco-friendly gifts and kits too.

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All of the featured eco-friendly brands and businesses are personal favourites of ours. They offer all-natural, planet-friendly products that make it easier to live a little greener.

Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Brands

Fighting food waste with every mouthful; Oddbox goes directly to farmers and rescues what they’ve got too much of, what’s in season and what might be too ‘odd’ for supermarkets. With the belief that all food grown should be eaten, their recycled food boxes come filled with rescued fruit and veg and are delivered directly to your door. You can even peek inside the upcoming boxes to see what’s in season; so there might be the odd surprise, but you can still plan ahead. Sustainably built, they are also a fellow B Corp certified business. Finally, even the most sustainable of us still have leftover produce; which is why Oddbox donate theirs to food produce charities at the end of each week.

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Ocean Bottle reusable bottles are a solution to single use plastic bottles, with a difference. Fighting the 22 million kg’s of plastic that enters our oceans every day; each Ocean Bottle bought funds the collection of 1000 ocean-bound plastic bottles in weight. They support local coastal communities with this work and turn these bottles into a sustainable livelihood. Making a real impact, they’re also a fellow B Corp certified business (and it’s obvious why!).

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Wild’s mission is to pioneer sustainable and natural personal care. No waste, no problem! Their applicators are made from aluminium and recycled plastic and their all-natural deodorant is completely compostable – making it the world’s first zero-plastic deodorant refill. Not only are their deodorants planet friendly, all natural and gorgeously scented; but for each one sold, a percentage of sales goes towards supporting reforestation projects. And a final note; they’re vegan friendly, cruelty-free, dermatologically tested and free from parabens, artificial fragrance, aluminium and sulphates. So, you can go green in the bathroom with Wild and look good, feel good and do good whilst steering clear of unnatural nasties!

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A completely plastic free alternative to standard lunchboxes, Elephant Box create stylish and durable stainless-steel containers that are great for school lunches, camping or days on-the-go. Elephant Box’s goal is to be part of the solution to our planet’s plastic problem and their products are designed to replace disposable plastic. Not only are their plastic free creations beautiful, functional and free from plastics; but they are also keen activists and donate directly to environmental organisations doing great things for our planet; such as Trees For Cities and Refill.

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Our local, eco-friendly neighbours Soap Folk use traditional soap making techniques and certified organic ingredients to create soaps, lip balms and body oils which not only smell beautiful but are truly kind to your skin. They work with the planets best interests in mind from their office – where they’ve won a local award for their hard work to reduce waste and reduce, reuse and recycle – to their products and work only with natural, biodegradable ingredients, avoid palm oil, are cruelty free, zero waste and use recyclable packaging; amongst other amazing practises!

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Seedbom, the bestselling friendly bombs that grow, was created by environmentally friendly company Kabloom. Filled with an explosive mix of organic peat-free compost and non-GMO wildflower or herb seeds, Seedbom‘s help sustain bee, butterfly and other important insect populations by growing nectar rich flowers. Their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable as well as glue free and biodegradable. A practically perfect, planet friendly product – and great for re-wilding parts of your garden!

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Let’s just start by saying, Jude’s is Britain’s first carbon negative ice cream company – what a fantastic achievement. A family founded, great British company and truly delicious too; boasting over 50 great taste awards to date. Unsurprisingly a fellow B Corp certified business, Jude’s purpose is to make bold changes and bring life to people and the planet. They are working hard to include more plant-based products, their dairy is run on fully renewable energy and they have added environmentally packaging to their production. They also fund the Woodland Trust and Trees For Life to balance their carbon and promote re-wilding. So now you can scoop up some Jude’s and feel good about eating your bodyweight in ice cream!

Watch this space for a delicious collaboration coming soon!

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Lucy & Yak have nailed sustainable clothing which is stylish too. Here are some of our favourite eco facts about this sustainable business buddy. They use recycled and low impact dyes and reduce their climate impact by making clothes by hand – all good stuff! You won’t find fur, leather, down, animal skin, hair or angora here – just recycled wool and super cool dungarees. Definitely one of our ‘slow fashion’ favourites!

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Who Gives A Crap sells good-looking, sustainably conscious toilet paper, paper towels and more. Set up with a goal to ensure everyone has access to clean water and toilets within our lifetime, they donate a whopping 50% of their profits towards this cause – raising $10 million Aussie dollars to date! They recognise that there’s no need to cut down trees to make toilet paper and, instead, use quick growing bamboo or recycled paper to create their products. Last (but definitely not least) they are a fellow B Corp Certified business with an impressive impact report; especially when it comes to community and environment.

Use Who Gives A Crap discount code ‘TP4EVA’ to save £5 when you sign up for your first loo roll delivery!

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Not only do Whole Earth Foods produce scrummy, award winning nut butters, cereals and refreshing drinks that are free from any nasties – but they are proudly Certified B Corp under Ecotone; the first international food company to gain this ‘good for the world’ credential. Supporters of team GB and the Sumatran Orangutan Society – planting 20,000 trees to reforest the Sumatran rainforest – they fund charities and conservation. They’re Rainforest Alliance certified and have a bundle of Great Taste Awards under their belt so, when we’re looking for a tasty, natural nut butter we’re look at Whole Earth Foods products first!

Part of the first International Food Company to become B Corp Certified!

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Head to our Eco Brand Directory to explore our full list of our favourite eco-friendly brands and businesses we recommend. And if you’ve got any recommendations for new planet-friendly products we should try, get in touch and let us know!

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