Mary Berry Using Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps in Mary Berry’s Kitchen

It has been great to see more people in the food and drink industry and the public eye using beeswax wraps. As we caught up Mary Berry’s latest TV Show ‘Love To Cook’ on the BBC, we spotted Mary Berry using beeswax wraps too! (or using beeswax paper as she calls them)

As Mary says, she’s never too old to learn and simply doesn’t want to use plastic anymore…

“I don’t want to use single-use plastic anymore, and beeswax paper is a good alternative,” she added. “It clings to bowls but can also be folded and wrapped around things just like plastic film.”

Using beeswax wraps in the fridge or freezer to wrap extra portions, Mary Berry has spoke about how they helped her save leftovers without plastic during the pandemic when she was preparing meals for two instead of the whole family, and would often over cook. Wrapping beeswax wraps around cooked food is a perfect way to reduce food waste as well as using beeswax wraps around bowls of leftovers, fresh fruit and veg and sandwiches.

Here are some other useful ways to use your beeswax wraps in the kitchen (that we think Mary Berry would be proud of) …

1: As a piping bag

Did you know, you can use our beeswax wraps to pipe icing on your cake? Give it a go yourself following these simple steps (or watch our Youtube video linked below)

  • Fold in one corner of your wrap, creating a straight edge
  • Place a piping nozzle facing out from the wrap on the end of this edge
  • Curl your wrap around the nozzle to create a cone shape
  • Seal the bag with the warm of your hands where it meets
  • Fill with icing and start piping!

Watch Youtube Tutorial

2: To prove dough

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to the slightly soggy, grubby tea towel you have laying around in the kitchen when it comes to proving your dough.

Instead of a tea towel, place a beeswax wrap over your buns, bread, pastries and sweets to prove them just as well (if not better).

As beeswax wraps are hand crafted from organic cotton, they’re breathable and are coated in beeswax, they’re antibacterial – so perfect for food prep.

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3: To roll out pastry or icing

A beeswax wrap is a great solution for a surface to roll out your pastry on to!

It won’t stick to it, it will be cleaner than your table top and you can grab hold of your beeswax wrap to move your pastry or icing over to your pie dish or cake – keeping it in one piece!

Try a beeswax wrap for rolling out pie pastry, icing fondant, shortbread or gingerbread.

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4: As a surface saver

Great for all those times you’ve wanted to pop down a sticky spoon or batter covered whisk but didn’t want to get your countertops all mucky.

A small beeswax wrap at the ready keeps the counter clean and can be easily washed up and reused after!

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Beeswax wraps are great for cooking and baking and for many other things, too!

Take a look at our Instagram or browse our website to see just how versatile beeswax wraps can be and start reducing your food waste by using them in your home today.

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