Make your own Plastic-Free Hamper

You may have seen on our What We’re Buying For Christmas blog, we are on a mission to cut the tat and buy more useful gifts that our recipients will genuinely use and find useful. Whether for Christmas, birthdays or as a little thank-you, we’re going to be making presents as well as buying them.

Our DIY plastic-free hamper of planet-friendly products is great for friends and relatives who have ‘everything’ and don’t need more stuff to clutter their house with. We’ve bought together some of our favourite recipes which we use and love.

I have been making my own face balm and face oils for years. I started because the options in the shops were so flippin expensive and I was convinced I could make an alternative for a fraction of the price. Turns out, I can and it’s suuuuper simple! Tom (my husband and our New Business Development Manager) has been making his own deodorant which works a treat, and Carly has a super-quick recipe for lip balm.

Not only will this save a little money for Christmas, it’s a thoughtful and personalised present for friends and family.

Fran’s Face Balm

I use this to wash my face morning and night, massaging in and then using a hot muslin cloth to wipe off. It also doubles as a wonderfully nourishing face pack or, if you have super dry skin, you can use it as a moisturiser. 

The recipe I use was originally from Neal’s Yard but I have tweaked and changed over the years. The amounts make enough for 1 x 60g pot which is the ideal size for gifting. If you’re looking to make more, multiple the recipe for how many pots you’d like.

All ingredients I have linked are from The Soap Kitchen. Based in Devon, I love them because they offer a premium packaging option to swap out any plastic. We’ve linked to non-organic options for price but they also have organic options available.


1 tbsp (17ml) Argan oil

1 tbsp (17ml) Rosehip Seed Oil

1 tbsp (15g) Shea Nut Butter

1/2 tbsp (7g) Beeswax*

2 drops Cypress Oil 

2 drops Frankincense Oil

2 drops Bergamot Oil

2 drops Carrot Seed Oil

(A 5ml bottle is more than enough for each of these)

1 60ml Blue Glass Jar

1 51mm Jar Lid

*The beeswax link is for organic EU beeswax (you can’t get organic British beeswax). If you can find a local beekeeper to buy your wax from we also highly recommend doing this and supporting your local beekeepers!


1- Heat the argan oil, rosehip seed oil, shea butter and beeswax together in a bain-marie until melted.

2- Once all melted into a consistent texture, remove from heat and add two drops of each essential oil.

3- Carefully pour into your glass jar while the wax is still warm and smooth. Leave with the lid off until it sets, which takes approximately 1 hour.

Fran’s Face Oil

I LOVE this oil, it smells so good and really does work wonders. Depending on what time of year it is, and what’s going on with my skin, I tweak the essential oils I use, but this is a great place to start. 

The recipe is from a book by Valerie Ann Worwood called The Fragrant Pharmacy. It’s beautifully illustrated and a useful beginner’s aromatherapy guide; a nice addition to a gift hamper. It’s been my go-to present for friends for years!


30ml Hazelnut or Almond Oil

10 drops Carrot Oil

8 drops Juniper Oil

10 drops Geranium Oil

10 drops Lemon Oil

2 drops Rosemary Oil

1 30ml Glass Bottle

1 18mm Pipette 


1- Super simple; measure all the ingredients into the glass bottle and that’s it!

Tom’s Deodorant

I started making my deodorant about 6 months ago as none of the eco alternatives I’d brought were quite doing the job. The best part of making your own is using essential oils to create a personal fragrance for you. 

If you’re looking to make all of our DIY products, it’s useful to use the same essential oils to save you buying lots of different ones for just a few drops of each!


1 tbsp Coconut Oil

1/2 tbsp Shea Nut Butter

1/2 tbsp Vegan Wax or Beeswax

3/4 tbsp White Kaolin Clay

1 tbsp Arrowroot Powder (available in your local supermarket)

2 drops Vitamin E Oil

1/2 tbsp baking soda*

4 drops Rosemary Oil

4 drops Geranium Oil

4 drops Vetivert Oil

40ml Cardboard deodorant tube or metal screw top tin

*baking soda can be an irritant for sensitive skin. If you want to avoid using it we recommend swapping for another 1/2 tbsp of arrowroot powder.


1- Heat the coconut oil, shea butter and wax together in a bain-marie until melted.

2- Once full melted, add in remaining ingredients and stir well until everything is mixed.

3- Pour into a container and tap the side a little to remove any air bubbles.

4- Leave to set for one hour before using.

Carly’s Lip Balm

This fail-safe lip balm recipe is a favourite of mine. Pick an essential oil of your choice to personalise, my go-to oil is refreshing peppermint.


12-15g Beeswax

3-4 tbsp Olive Oil 

3 tbsp Sunflower Oil

5 drops Essential Oils

Small screw top tin pot or mini jar


1- Heat the beeswax, all sunflower oil and two tablespoons of olive oil together in a bain-marie until melted.

2- Remove from heat and spoon a small amount of the mixture onto a plate. Allow it to cool and test the consistency. For a softer balm, add the remaining olive oil.

3- Before leaving to cool, add in 4-5 drops of your chosen essential oil and stir through.

4- Spoon into pot and leave to cool and set.

We made a lovely origami thick paper box to present everything using our box tutorial. With whatever paper you like (we used fancy wrapping up paper!), cut to a 50 x 50cm square, and to make a lid cut the paper slightly larger to 51 x 51cm.

Hopefully you and your friends will love this thoughtful idea as ours! We’d love to see your attempts so be sure to tag us on social @beeswaxwraps_uk.

Fran & Co x