Introducing our new Vegan Food Wraps!

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After 6 months of testing every combination possible we are really excited to announce that we now have a vegan alternative to our beeswax wraps, The Vegan Food Wrap Co.!

Our sister-company and plant-based product is available in an array of different sizes and prints, the full collection can be found right here in our Vegan Wax Wrap category.


About Vegan Food Wraps

We’ve been working hard to create a plant-based alternative to our wraps. We want to cater to everyone to help making plastic-free switches as easy and barrier-free as possible. 

It’s important that our new vegan wraps are as planet-friendly and sustainable as our beeswax wraps, which means soy-free and palm-oil free. Soy crops have hugely detrimental effects on our environment, and the palm oil industry causes devastating effects to the world’s forests, wildlife and climate. It is incredibly important that our vegan wraps aren’t contributing to a problem we are so passionate about solving.

The combination of waxes we use are all UK grown non-GM crops, which are kind to our planet. These waxes create the same self-sealing, flexible and long lasting wraps as our beeswax alternative. Our cotton, like our beeswax wraps, is fairtrade and GOTs certified organic, and printed with organic vegan dyes. We have worked hard to make sure these wraps are kind to the environment, and we are always working to refine and improve.

Vegan food wraps are a brilliant plastic sandwich bag and cling film alternative, kind to the planet and perfect for keeping food fresh. Use vegan wraps to cover leftovers, wrap loaves of bread and to keep vegetables and leafy greens fresh. We recommend using vegan wraps to cover leafy greens and herbs as soon as you’ve bought them, they’ll stay fresh for much longer!

You can find out more about our vegan food wraps by exploring our Vegan Wax Wraps page.

We hope that this is good news for plastic-free, plant-based advocates! And as always, we welcome your feedback and any tips and tricks you may have to help our journey!