Introducing: Emma Bridgewater Beeswax Wraps!

We are unbelievably excited to collaborate with classic British brand Emma Bridgewater on two exclusive collections of beeswax wraps! 

Renowned for their beautifully handcrafted pottery, Emma Bridgewater’s designs have always been favourites of ours and we’ve chosen two of their iconic styles for our new collections.

With each of their designs starting as a deeply felt personal response to what they love in the world around them, collaborating with Emma Bridgewater is a match made in heaven.

Each of Emma Bridgewater’s famous prints start out as beautiful hand-drawn artwork which is then cut out of sponge and printed with paint to create the soft, hand-printed finish they are so well known for. These designs have gone through this same process before being transformed into a digital design and sent to us to print onto organic cotton and craft into our beeswax wraps.

Our Emma Bridgewater Beeswax Wraps are available in two of their beautiful print collections: Toast & Marmalade and Bees & Buttercups

Bees & Buttercups Print

Our Bees & Buttercups collection features two new Emma Bridgewater illustrations that perfectly capture their well-known style; a colourful polka dot print with bees, and a soft buttercup illustration with bees.

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Toast & Marmalade Print

Toast & Marmalade is one of their most well-known designs, and we’ve had an exclusive version created just for us! This collection promises to ‘keep your sourdough fresh & watercress crunchy!.’ and have ‘fresh salad & herbs all ready to go!’.

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We spoke to Emma Bridgewater about what inspires her designs and why she’s chosen to collaborate with us on this exclusive collection.

1. Give us a little background into Emma Bridgewater and how the company started?

The starting point for the business was when I was searching for a gift for my mother, and everything was either too formal or too clunky. That was my eureka moment where I spotted a gap in the market for pottery that reflected the relaxed, colourful, mismatched home I’d grown up in.

2. What inspires your designs?

Emma Bridgewater designs are often inspired by country life, we design product we would like to have in mind, not trends- our Rise & Shine collection for example was directly inspired by real Bantams such as the ones my mother had when I was child. A particularly generous crop of tomatoes a few years ago inspired a bowl covered in beautifully illustrated tomatoes, which was the beginning of the now much-loved Vegetable Garden collection. And our best-selling Polka-Dot pattern was inspired by the ladybird books of my childhood and a nostalgic feeling for the early 60s. Memories and the simplicity of the natural world are ultimately the strongest inspiration for designers.

3. Why did you decide to launch a collection of beeswax wraps?

I love and use the Beeswax Wraps and have done since the early days of this simple and clever concept. Even at the very start of the business, my designs always went beyond pottery. It has been very rewarding to adapt our classic pottery patterns for other household items. I am so thrilled to be working with Beeswax Wraps, as I feel passionate about reducing waste and doing our part to help the environment.

4. What’s your must-have Emma Bridgewater item?

A ½ pint mug, our most popular item – we sell nearly 900,000 ½ pint mugs a year. I drink coffee in the morning and have numerous mugs of tea throughout the day. I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite design as it changes constantly but currently, I love our sponged bee design which has been immensely popular. I am very pleased that spongeware and lettering (the original design concepts) remain a huge part of the collection and are synonymous with the brand today.

5. If you weren’t creating beautifully handcrafted pottery and homewares, what else would you be doing?

I have always had fantasies about being an apprentice in a Parisian bakery, wouldn’t that be exciting?! I love keeping a journal and have already written two design-led books, so maybe one day I will expand and write some fiction.

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Explore our Toast & Marmalade Beeswax Wraps and our Bees & Buttercups Beeswax Wraps.