Introducing… Eco Gift Bundles!

With Christmas fast approaching, we’ve been on a mission to find eco friendly gifts in the UK to send to friends and family, and it’s been harder than we thought… so we made our own!

The idea came to us only a few weeks ago when trying to find eco gift bundles we could send straight to our friends and family who we won’t be able to see for Christmas. We’ve created a selection of gift boxes that we think will tick off most people on your Christmas list, and all of them are as eco-friendly as possible. Every bundle is nicely presented in a kraft box or drawstring bag, and can be sent straight to the gift receiver with no invoices or paperwork… how useful is that!

We’ve collaborated with some of our favourite British makers to source some brilliant products for the bundles, we hope you find something for everyone with our new gift ideas.

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Beauty Gift Bundle

Did you know that beeswax wraps can be used for storing solid soap? They are perfect for covering your soap bars when travelling. 

Our eco friendly beauty gift bundle is a thoughtful treat for anyone who deserves a little TLC. We’ve sourced two beautifully fragrant handmade vegan soap bars from our friends at Wild Sage & Co for this bundle. 

Wild Sage & Co are a small, family run independent business who hand make their wonderful collection using all-natural ingredients, including many grown in their own garden. Perfect for anyone, these skin-kind and planet-friendly soaps are absolute favourites of ours.

Our beauty bundle includes their Lemongrass & Tea Tree solid soap bar, and their Rosemary & Lavender solid shampoo. It also includes two 16 x 16cm beeswax wraps for storing this lovely soap when away.

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Sourdough Bread Eco Gift Bundle

If you follow us on Instagram, and know us well, you’ll know that Tom is our resident sourdough expert! He’s shared his sourdough starter and well-crafted recipe with almost everyone in the workshop, and now it’s time to share his secrets with you too!

Tom’s starter is from the wonderful Bakery Bits, and we’ve included a 50g sachet into our bread bundle. This is more than enough to create a bumper starter that, if looked after, will last indefinitely. We can’t promise your loaf will be as good as Tom, but it should be close!!

We’ve also added the bread bible: Do/Sourdough. Written by Andrew Whitley for the Do Book Co, it’s filled with 30 years of expert knowledge and tips , and includes a simple but effective recipe for the best sourdough bread. 

Our sourdough bread gift bundle also includes our extra-large bread wrap, perfect for keeping a homemade loaf fresh for a week or more (in our experience anyway!).

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Bee Lover Eco Gift Bundle

We couldn’t create gift bundles without including one dedicated to bees! This simple stocking-filler Christmas present (or a ‘just because’ gift), includes the very clever beebom seedbom from our friends at Kabloom. We think it makes a great gift for nature lovers, bee lovers, and anyone with greenfingers!

A clever all-natural and biodegradable pod, beeboms are bursting with a mix of wildflower seeds that bumblebees and honeybees absolutely love. To use, simply open and soak the beebom in water, then throw over your garden (making sure the beebom bursts in the process!) and leave it to grow and create a wonderful meadow of flowers. Visit Kabloom to find out more about these clever little creations.

Our bee love gift bundle also includes a medium beeswax wrap in our popular beehive print and a medium reusable cotton drawstring bag.

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Eco Starter Bundle and Bells & Whistles Bundle

These two bundles are packed with ‘essentials’ for a plastic-free kitchen.!

Our eco starter gift bundle includes everything you need to get started with using, caring for, and cleaning beeswax wraps. It’s a great gift for any eco-sceptic (or anyone who’s ever ruined a wrap when cleaning it!), it includes our Two Combo Pack, a rewax bar, a hard dish soap and coconut scrub pad.

The hard dish soap and coconut scrub pad are essentials in our kitchen, and come from the wonderful Eco Vibe. Both products are made from all natural, planet-friendly ingredients. They last a long time, are perfect for washing dishes but also work wonders when cleaning beeswax wraps.

Our all-singing-all-dancing bells & whistles bundle includes the same brilliant hard dish soap and coconut scrub pad, but with a bumper bundle of our wonderful products: a Five Combo Beeswax Wrap Pack, One Extra Large Wrap, Three Reusable Cotton Bags, a Bits & Bobs pack, and our trusty rewax bar. Jam packed with everything you need to keep your food fresh and plastic banned from your kitchen and grocery shopping.

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Full House Bundle

Our new-and-improved family bundle, the full house wax wrap bundle includes our full collection of wraps (Five Combo Pack, One Extra Large, Bits & Bobs pack), plus a rewax bar!

A great gift for friends and family wanting to order more wraps, you can gift the whole bundle or split into smaller gifts for friends too.

Did you know, if you order everything in our full house bundle separately, it comes to a little over £65, but we’ve packaged it all up in a gift-ready box for only £55! So it’s a bloomin’ bargain too.

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We hope you find ideas and inspiration for everyone with our new gift bundles. Don’t forget we also offer DIY Kits for craft-lovers, and we’ve got gift vouchers launching again very soon…