How to use Beeswax Wraps

Are you new to Beeswax Wraps & Vegan Wax Wraps?

Here are all of the basics to get you started! Find out why our vegan wax and beeswax wraps are so brilliant, explore the different ways you can use wax wraps, and learn all about what you can and can’t do!

We’re Proud of our Wraps

We spent over two years trialing, testing and perfecting our beeswax wraps to make them the best on the market (according to our lovely customers anyway!), and almost the same amount of time on developing our vegan wax wraps. We wanted a product that was completely eco-friendly, self-sealing, and long lasting.

We’re proud to say that our wax food wraps are:

Self-sealing to keep your food fresh for longer

Always completely plastic-free

Handmade by us in the British countryside

Suitable for use in the fridge and freezer!

Reusable for up to a year, and rewaxable for even longer

Made with consciously-sourced and natural materials

Compostable and biodegradable at the end of their life

Our beeswax wraps and vegan wraps are easy to use and just as easy to care for. Follow these three simple steps to begin using your wraps:

  1. Open out your wax wrap, and flex and fold it to loosen it up. It may be a little stiff from being folded and sent out to you.
  2. Use the heat of your hands to fold and mould the wrap over, under, or around anything you want to cover.
  3. Use the heat of your hands to release the naturally adhesive self-sealing finish and seal to your bowl or dish, or to secure to itself to create a tight but breathable seal.

There are so many uses for our beeswax wraps and vegan wax wraps, probably more than you realise! Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

From the simple…

  • Wrap your sandwiches
  • Cover leftovers
  • Keep cheese fresh
  • Wrap greens, salad leaves, and herbs
  • Keep bread fresh for longer
  • Prove dough

…to the sublime

  • Make a piping bag
  • Open difficult jars
  • Wrap your toothbrush when travelling
  • Pack your soap bar for travelling
  • Make a box for snacks
  • Make a pouch for loose food
  • Keep an open wine bottle fresh

If you’ve learnt any clever tips and tricks about using your wraps, please share them with us by sending us an email.

Do’s and Dont’s

Our wraps are seriously versatile and useful, but there are just a few things you need to watch out for!

  1. Don’t use them with anything warm or hot! Whether that’s washing under warm water, putting in the oven or wrapping a dish that’s still hot, it will melt the wax straight off the wrap. If you do this, don’t panic! Find out everything you need to know about caring for and saving your wraps.
  2. Avoid all naked flames as wax is highly flammable!
  3. Don’t use them in the microwave.
  4. Do not use them with raw meat or fish, as cross contamination may occur on their next use.
  5. Avoid storing anything super acidic or oily in the wraps for too long as it will break down the wax and decrease their life.
  6. If your wraps are exposed to mould, re-pasteurise them using our electric oven method, or our iron method.

For more information and advice on looking after your beeswax wraps, visit our Caring For Your Wraps page.