How To Save Mouldy Wraps

Did you know, our wraps can be refreshed, re-waxed and even saved from mould?

They are super resilient and easy to bring back to life if you give them five minutes of your time.

Follow these simple instructions, depending on the level of mould on your beeswax wrap:

  1. For a light dusting of mould, simply scrub your wax wrap in cold, soapy water to revive it.
  2. For a deeper set mould, firstly scrub your wax wrap in cold, soapy water to eliminate as much mould as possible. Then, sandwich your wrap between two sheets of baking paper placed on top of an old tea towel or ironing board. Run a hot iron (with steam function turned off) over the top sheet of paper to disperse the existing wax, then peal it away from the baking paper whilst the wax is still warm. This will both refresh and sterilise your wrap to eliminate any bacteria from the mould.
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