Health and Plastic Free Living

My plastic-free journey began during my acupuncture degree in early 2017. During the course, I began to investigate how diet affects our bodies and quickly learnt about the disruptive chemicals found in most plastics which have dangerous consequences for our hormones. 

The first change I made was switching out single-use plastic water bottles for a stainless steel alternative, which started my journey into understanding the negative effect of plastics and the unknown consequences of its use.

We are thrilled to partner with Breast Cancer UK for Breast Cancer Awareness month to raise awareness of the negative impact plastic may be having on our health.

Breast Cancer UK has pioneered research into understanding the breast cancer risks associated with certain chemicals used in plastics production. In particular they have supported research that examines the effects bisphenols such as BPA have on breast cells. By consuming products which have been stored in plastic, we may be exposing ourselves to potentially harmful chemicals that leach out of plastics, as well as micro-plastic particles which we consume with little awareness or understanding of side effects.

Whilst the true extent of plastic damage to ourselves is still unknown, plastic toxicity from BPA or other bisphenols has been linked to the development of abnormal mammary tissue and may negatively affect chemotherapy, as well as contribute to many life-shortening illnesses.

The Good News?

Breast Cancer UK have launched a new and informative website, to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month. The site provides advice and guidance on how to reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by changing your lifestyle. It also includes advice on how to reduce your exposure to potentially harmful environmental chemicals.Explore their website to find out more.

Our Advice?

Avoid single-use plastic where possible, especially reusing single-use plastic water bottles.

Swap plastic storage and plastic food wraps for alternatives such as glass storage and Beeswax Wraps.

Purchase food and drinks, bath and body products from zero waste shops to avoid storage in potentially damaging plastic packaging. Find your local zero waste store.

Fran x