Food Freshness Challenge & Giveaway

This month we have been focusing on keeping our food fresher for longer and have been putting our wraps to the test!

Reducing waste is really important and, whilst we’ve been looking into what we can do to prevent waste in terms of our food, we discovered some rather interesting and alarming facts and figures – which made us even more determined in our food waste mission!

Did You Know?

– 1/3 of our food is discarded globally

– Over half of this is thrown out by family households

And, all together, food waste is responsible for up to

– 10% of Green House Gas emissions!

Good news is, we can all make some simple swaps and change these figures together, today.

Putting Our Wraps To The Test

We have pinned fresh fruits and veggies against each other, stored inside beeswax wraps, glass jars and ‘naked’ to determine just how much of a difference storing our food can make to our waste. And, don’t worry, all the food was used up in scrummy home dinners after the experiment!


These are the beeswax wrap VS naked fruits and veggies after just 3 days.

We were amazed to see what a difference a little wrap makes!

We tested beeswax and vegan wax wraps and found a much fresher, tastier result from keeping them covered in one of our antibacterial, breathable wax wraps. We also tested some of the produce in glass jars, an eco alternative to cling film or plastic tubs that’s easy to use in the fridge.

We also did a freshness test on one of our favourite foods that’s notoriously difficult to enjoy at the optimum time; avocados! 

If you want to know how to keep an avocado fresh, watch our video to see what works best. Our freshness test stored half an avocado wrapped in our vegan wax wraps, half in a glass jar and half left open in the fridge. Five days later, and our wax wrapped avocado was the champion, still fresh, tasty and ready to eat!

Expert product review website Which? have also conducted freshness tests, using our wraps alongside cling film and tin foil to see what left their food the freshest. We’re proud to say we were also winners there!

Our Which? Review
Food Fresh Test: Avocados

The Results: Our Wraps Keep Your Food Freshest!

When it comes to keeping your food fresh, our Beeswax Wraps and Vegan Wax Wraps are best.

Our Food Freshness month has taught us a lot about the clever ways we can lengthen the life of our fresh food, saving on waste and money on our food shop too!

Like with the Which? review, our beeswax wraps came out top when it comes to keeping food fresh, with glass jars being a good alternative (great for leftovers!). It’s not a surprise that leaving open food ‘naked’ in the fridge effected the freshness and life of the food, it also left us wondering about the quality too.

Overall our avocados were greener, our strawberries firmer, coriander springy and lettuce leaves perky!

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Win! A ‘Grow Your Own’ Bundle

This giveaway is now closed.

We’ve team up with Robin and Paul of @TwoDirtyBoys who have written this amazing book on how to grow your own produce from kitchen scraps! We have five prize bundles to give away, each including a copy of their book with all the best ‘grow your own’ tips and a pack of our Land Print Beeswax Wraps to keep your favourite fruits and veggies fresh pre and post chop!