Food Freshness Challenge

This month we have been focusing on keeping our food fresher for longer and have been putting our wraps to the test!

Reducing waste is really important to us.

When looking at what we can do to prevent waste in terms of food, we discovered some scary facts and figures…

Did You Know?

We throw away 1/3 of our food

Over half of our food waste comes from family households

And, all together, this food waste is responsible for up to

10% of Green House Gas emissions!

Good news is, the little things we can do at home can make a big and real difference to these figures!

Starting with using our beeswax wraps…

Putting Our Wraps To The Test

We pinned fresh fruits and veggies against each other, stored inside both beeswax wraps and ‘naked’ to see what difference it made to the freshness and tastiness of our food (don’t worry, all the food was used up in scrummy home dinners after the experiment!)

After 2 Days…

Our ‘naked’ apple had turned a trademark mucky brown, it’s skin was loose and wrinkly and it was squidgy – not so appetising.

Although we could still dice this apple up and use it in a crumble (which is exactly where it went!) I can’t see that my toddler would be too impressed if I popped it on his plate and it would probably go to waste.

Our beeswax wrapped apple however was still bright and yellow, fresh and firm. It would still make a good snack and when biting into it still had a satisfying crunch!

Overall, although I wouldn’t have wasted either of the apple slices after the 2 days, I definitely had more uses for the fresher apple that was wrapped in our beeswax wrap.

After 3 Days…

Our ‘naked’ strawberries were on the turn. Sunken in places with squishy patches and looking dull and dark in colour.

Although we could still blitz these strawberries in a mixer for a smoothie or chop them up into little pieces for a bowl of Eton mess, they didn’t look very fresh.

Uncovering our beeswax wrapped strawberries, we were thrilled to find zero soft spots, they looked light, bright and firm and ready to eat.

We wouldn’t have wasted any of the strawberries over the 3 days, but again could definitely find more uses for the fresher ones that were wrapped in our beeswax wrap!

After 4 Days…

Our ice gem lettuce’s were really put to the test!

Our ‘naked’ lettuce spent 4 days in the fridge uncovered. The results? A soggy, dark green, floppy lettuce that is way past it’s use by date.

This lettuce certainly didn’t make it on to our sandwiches or side salads and we could see that this would probably have gone to waste in a regular household.

Luckily, we have some hungry neighbourhood rabbits that ate most of it and the remainder was home composted.

When we uncovered our lettuce that had been wrapped in a beeswax wrap, we were surprised at how fresh it kept!

Bright, crunchy and fresh, you wouldn’t have known this lettuce was left uneaten for 4 days.

We popped it straight in a sandwich as all the testing was hungry work!

The Results: Our Wraps Keep Your Food Freshest!

When it comes to keeping your food fresh, our Beeswax Wraps and Vegan Wax Wraps are best.

Our Food Freshness month has taught us a lot about the clever ways we can lengthen the life of our fresh food, saving on waste and money on our food shop too!

Like with the Which? review, our beeswax wraps came out top when it comes to keeping food fresh, with glass jars being a good alternative (great for leftovers!). It’s not a surprise that leaving open food ‘naked’ in the fridge effected the freshness and life of the food, it also left us wondering about the quality too.

Overall our avocados were greener, our strawberries firmer, coriander springy and lettuce leaves perky!

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Expert product review website Which? have also conducted freshness tests, using our wraps alongside cling film and tin foil to see what left their food the freshest. We’re proud to say we were also winners there!

Our Which? Review