2020 Eco New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to you all, and here’s to an exciting new decade! We achieved so much in 2019 it’s going to be hard to top, but we’re not one for turning down a challenge…

We know it’s cliche, but we want to start our year with some eco-resolutions to help focus our attention for the next year. As a company we want to be transparent about all parts of our little business, to help motivate us to do better and inspire others to do the same!

Our resolutions are for us as a business and as individuals, but can also be adopted by you too.

1. Join the terracycle movement

Terracycle is a brilliant recycling company that teams up with businesses and individuals to help recycle waste which is usually considered hard-to-recycle and often not recycled by your local council.

Whether it’s crisps packets, those pesky coffee capsules or cleaning products, they take almost all waste and reuse, upcycle or recycle rather than sending to landfill or burning.

We already separate and collect our office waste for recycling, but we plan to do a regular audit to make sure we are sending almost everything to be reused or recycled. We are also checking up on friends, families and colleagues to encourage them to do the same; sharing the local terracycle collection locations and educating on what can, and can’t, be recycled curb-side.

To find out more about how you can use terracycle in your home. Follow our stories on Instagram where we’ll be checking our waste isn’t a load of rubbish!

2. Commit to banning unnecessary plastic

We know this is a fairly obvious one for a beeswax wrap company but convenience, time and money often leads to us buying plastic wrapped lunch-on-the-go and wrapped fruit and vegetables which really isn’t ideal.

This year we’ll be taking more time to organise our eating habits to prevent us from buying that last-minute (and inevitably disappointing!) plastic wrapped sandwich. We’ll also keep stock of our favourite cafes and bakeries who can give us food in reusable containers and wraps.

As for wrapped fruit and vegetables, we’re going to support our local greengrocer when possible (not only plastic free but much cheaper!) and when it’s not possible, make sure we are picking up only loose and plastic-free produce in our local Sainsbury’s, even if it is more expensive.

In the office, we’ll organise more group lunches cooked in the kitchen to help us cut single use plastic lunch products, and we’ll stick with our plastic-free coffee breaks; bagless tea, ground coffee and glass milk bottles.

3. Championing brands who do good

We understand that being more environmentally aware is a bit of a minefield! So many companies wave the green flag, which is fab, but we want to help make going plastic-free easy for ourselves, friends and family, and for you. This year we’re launching our eco-brands directory; a list of our favourite places to shop for eco-friendly and plastic-free products. From fashion to outdoors, cleaning to self care, we are listing products and companies that we’ve tried, tested and loved. If there’s a company you think we need to try, drop us a line via email or on Facebook and we’ll make sure we check them out! You can find our list here.

4. Team work makes the dream work

This super cheesy saying is one of our favourites! And something integral to our 2020 plans. As our wonderful little company grows, we want to be open about the fab team of makers, creatives and suppliers who help to spread the plastic-free word. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the wonderful people who help to create our fab product; our workshop team of over ten, our budding beekeepers, fabric designers and wonderful suppliers. You will also be hearing more from our growing team who will share their plastic-free insights and eco-tips with you.

We think it’s important to build a community, and we want you to be part of that too. If there are any ideas you’d like to share, blogs you’d like to write or clever ideas for living plastic-free let us know! We want you all to be part of our team too.

5. Make the most of every last thing

Running a business, it’s important to us that we produce as little waste as possible. We work hard to make sure we have little leftover materials, and make the most of additional resources with our limited edition collections and reusable bags.

As all of our wraps are made by hand using completely natural materials, we do get the odd wrap which doesn’t look quite right or hasn’t waxed well. After a few months of ideas and development, we’ve landed on a great way to use these extra wraps and reduce our waste. Keep your eyes peeled for some fab eco fire starters launching on our website in the not-too-distant future!

6. Be an eco-activist

We don’t mean chain-yourself-to-a-fence or don’t-shower-for-days! We mean engaging with your local community to make sure everything is being done in your local area to help the environment.

Our workshop is based just outside Stroud and frustratingly the council don’t offer a food waste collection service for businesses! We understand that demand is needed to justify the cost, and that is exactly what we intend to show. We’re going to engage with local businesses and invite our councillor to join us to chat about how we can encourage food recycling for businesses.