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If, like us, you’re trying to buy sustainable and eco-friendly products, but struggling to work out what’s genuine, we’re here to help!

Here are a few of our favourite tried and tested eco-friendly brands and businesses.

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Home / Household

Green & Blue

One of our favourite small businesses that looks after our wildlife, and specifically our wonderful bees. If you’re building, make sure you include one of their brilliant bee bricks; an innovative nesting site for solitary bees built into a brick. They also offer similarly smart solutions for nesting bats and birds. Visit their website to find out more.


These make brilliant ‘just because’ gifts and festive stocking fillers for anyone with green fingers! Made from a 100% compostable shell and filled with soil and wildflower seeds, they are a clever zero-waste gift idea and great for wildlife. If you’re getting married, they make brilliant eco wedding favours and can be personalised!

Klean Kanteen

Used by everyone at TBWCo., these water bottles are a firm favourite. Available in an array of sizes (including tiny water bottles for little ones!), with different lips and lids and all sorts of colour finishes. A must-have for anyone looking to go plastic- free (or encouraging someone to join them!)

Greencane Paper

There’s a whole bunch of zero-waste toilet paper brands out there, which is a brilliant move in the right direction. Our favourite are greencane, who make toilet paper mainly from fast growing bamboo and recycled sugar cane. Their rolls arrive completely unpackaged in a recyclable box and they also sell handy bits and pieces like paper towels and tissues.

Elephant Box

A completely plastic-free alternative to lunchboxes, these are great for school lunches or days on-the-go. Fill with salad or last night leftovers, or pop in a beeswax wrap filled with sandwiches and snacks for a bit of extra protection in your backpack. They’re also brilliant for camping trips and can be used as bowls!



A fellow B Corp member and environmental champion, Finisterre are a brilliant British brand that offers quality and timeless clothing for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Born as a surfing shop, they are now our go-to for camping, walking and even for everyday wear. They’ve got a whole section on their website dedicated to their sustainable actions and stories too.


We love this brand because they are about so much more than just the products they sell. Activists and environmentalists, they tirelessly campaign and provide funding for a better world for people and the planet. As well as selling brilliant clothes that are designed to last a lifetime, they offer brilliant repair and recycle schemes on all of their products.

Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak have nailed sustainable clothing which is stylish too. They work with ethical suppliers across the globe to create their iconic dungarees, and other great clothes, and ensure that everyone involved in their fab company is paid well and looked after. Definitely our kind of company!


Thought Clothing offers a whole host of beautifully made timeless clothing for everyone. From smart shirts to super-soft loungewear (of which we have both!), using natural and sustainable fabrics is at the heart of what they do.



A sustainable and zero-waste solution for periods! Modibodi offers a wide range of leakproof pants and swimwear that work brilliantly for periods or other leaks. Of the period pant brands we’ve tried, this is definitely our favourite and the most effective. They’ve also introduced a maternity range for breastfeeding which we think is an absolute gamechanger.

Fill Co.

Fill Co. offer refillable eco cleaning and laundry products in a fuss-free and straightforward way. Available directly from their site and in many zero waste stores, they have a huge selection of liquids to help you remove plastic from your laundry and household cleaning routines. A complete game changer for anyone looking to make an easy low-effect swap (like us!).

Eco Egg

This clever little egg will change the way you wash your clothes! They say that switching away from plastic bottled detergent and fabric softener to an eco-egg will save 40 bottles of plastic each year! Visit their website to find out more about how they work.

Personal Care / Bath & Body

Soap Folk

We have to give a big shout out to our old neighbours and fellow Nailsworth residents Soap Folk! They use traditional soap making techniques and all organic ingredients to create soaps, lip balms and body oils which are all beautifully fragrant and kind to your skin. Perfect for your own bathroom but also great as a gift.

Wild Sage & Co.

A family run business who handcraft skincare and source eco-friendly products for your body, Wild Sage & Co. grow many of their skincare ingredients in their garden at home. They offer beautifully presented gift sets and the option to buy with or without packaging.


Another fellow B Corp, DAME has created the world’s first reusable tampon applicator which can be used for at least 10 years! You can buy the applicator alone, or with a one-off or subscription tampon service. Their tampons are made from GOTS certified hypoallergenic cotton that uses no chemicals or dyes, making them 100% natural and biodegradable too.

Neal’s Yard

An iconic British brand that are ethical pioneers (receiving 100/100 for ethics by The Ethical Company Organisation!), Neal’s Yard hand makes their beautiful products using natural, organic and ethically sourced ingredients in their eco-factory in Dorset. We particularly like their apothecaries which we use when making our own bath & body products!


Arguably the biggest name in the game, Lush uses natural ingredients and consciously thought-out packaging in their handmade products. In particular, we recommend their t’eo solid deodorant! An ideal place to go for ethical gifting or for your zero-waste shampoos, shower gels and deodorants.

We Are Bristle

Made from bamboo, this ethical toothbrush company creates natural soft-bristled brushes made from bamboo. A member of 1% for the planet, they also offer biodegradable dental floss and zero-waste toothbrush tabs (a toothpaste alternative!) Find out more here.

Blue Rock Living

Yes, another toothbrush company! Everyone has their own personal preference, and this is our workshop manager and plastic-free guru Claudi’s. Blue Rock Living makes all of their toothbrushes from Mao Bamboo, which is the world’s fastest growing plant (it’s also naturally antibacterial). Available as a subscription service, it’s easy, convenient and ethical too.

Food & Drink

Yeo Valley

A British owned family business, Yeo Valley supports their farmers, local community and wildlife which is exactly what we like to hear. A big name brand you can find in most supermarkets, this is an easy ethical option to make.

Tony’s Chocolonely

Some of the tastiest chocolate we’ve tried, Tony’s mission is to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free. They are meticulous about their supply chain and looking after every single person involved in making chocolate.


A fab idea for both homes and businesses, pikt offers fresh organic fruit and vegetables delivered directly to your doorstep. Organic and plastic-free, they are seriously easy to use and help keep everyone eating well!

Cup Of Tea

If you’re looking to make simple switches to be plastic free, loose leaf tea is an easy win. We have Cup Of Tea in our office and at home too. Delivered to us in 1kg paper bags, it’s easy, affordable and tastes bloody great too.