It can be hard to know if something you are going to buy on the internet is going to be good quality, we hope all the fantastic reviews we have had from customers will put your mind at ease. 

5 Stars - Got a two medium wraps and a small to trial and they’re amazing. Going to invest more of different sizes- better than cling film in so many ways but number 1 is goodbye plastic
— Grace A
5 Stars - I received my first pack of wraps and immediately used it to cover leftover banana bread and make a little pouch for some blueberries for the kids. It was so pretty, worked perfectly and everyone loved it. The only problem is .. . I want more!
— Rhonda L
5 Stars - Such a clever idea! The fabric sticks to itself, is antibacterial and just needs to be washed in cold water before it is re-used. Genius! Use them every day in my lunch box and to cover things that go in the fridge.
— Lisa D
5 Stars - Just received my parcel and I’m absolutely buzzing! They’re so easy to work with and the pattern is so pretty! Couldn’t be happier, thank you!
— Hannah W
5 Stars - So helpful and friendly and such a great product - I bought a few sets of these for presents for family in the UK while I’m overseas, Carly was so helpful and made shopping from abroad super easy, thank you :-) A wonderful product to help cut one use clingfilm out of our lives, highly recommended and they make your fridge look pretty too. AMAZING x
— Jenny H
5 Stars - Just loooove the looks of my fridge these days! Away goes the cling film, in comes the beeswax wraps! I got into the habit of covering everything with these wraps and I am absolutely thrilled by the quality of the product! Beautiful patterns, a lovely smell of pineresin & beeswax that does not transfer onto your food, multiple uses of each one cover... A sense of healthy and a bit of style...
Great product! Thank you @beeswaxwrapsuk !
— Chryssa A
5 Stars - I bloody love these wraps. So versatile and no plastic in sight! Lovely people running the company too. Would highly recommend :)
— Lucy K
5 Stars - Ive never used these before and just got mine and started using them and they work even better than I expected. Excellent work you guys! Hi Carly! :-D
— Tim W
5 Starts - Just received my beeswax wraps love them. Especially for cheese in the fridge. Great product instead of cling film and its useable.
— Nikki M