Cath Kidston Beeswax Wraps

Introducing: Cath Kidston Beeswax Wraps

A household name renowned for their hand-drawn prints and quintessential style, collaborating with Cath Kidston on this new collection is a real *pinch me* moment for us!

We were first introduced to the wonderful team at Cath Kidston over a year ago, when they invited us to their head office to learn more about their brand and explore their wonderful print archive in person. Stretching out over their full 25+ year history, the archive included the original hand-drawn designs of all of their best-known prints and classic British designs.

After several weeks of umming and ahhing, we settled on two of Cath Kidston’s most iconic prints: Mews Ditsy and Button Spot. Each pack includes both of these beautiful prints.

Mews Ditsy

An autumnal inspired design featuring a dense flower motif on a deep blue background, Mews Ditsy was introduced to Cath Kidston’s essential collection in 2014. Available in a range of colours, but this was our stand-out favourite!

Denim Spot

Did you know, each spot on Cath Kidston’s button spot designs is drawn by hand! Designed in 2002, it’s one of their most well-known designs and the perfect companion to the vibrant Mews Ditsy. We’ve chosen the denim colour as it accents the blue flowers nicely.

Clever Uses For Beeswax Wraps: Making a Pouch

We hope you love this iconic new collection as much as we do! Available in our two combo, three combo and five combo packs, the floral mews ditsy print is also available as one extra-large wrap.

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