Vegan Food Wraps Has Launched!

After 6 months of testing every combination possible we are really excited to announce that we now have a vegan alternative to our beeswax wraps, The Vegan Food Wrap Company. Making Veganuary a little easier for those wanting to go plastic free too.

For us it was key that our new vegan eco food wraps didn't contain soy due to the hugely detrimental effects soy crops have on our environment. The combination of waxes we use are all UK grown non GM crops. Our cotton, like our beeswax wraps is GOTS certified organic, we have worked hard to make sure our vegan wax wraps are as kind to the environment as possible, we will always be working to refine and improve them though.

Just like our beeswax wraps our vegan food wraps are fantastic as a reusable sandwich wrap and clingfilm alternative, keeping your lunch beautifully fresh and cutting down on the useful but dreaded cling film. You can also use our vegan wraps to cover leftovers, wrap your loaves and keep your greens and herbs fresher for a lot longer than just popping them in the bottom drawer of your fridge.


As we (Carly & Fran) have our hands full with our beeswax wraps, Tom (Frans husband) is running The Vegan Food Wrap Company. This is a complete change for Tom, until recently he was a photography teacher so he is learning fast! It would be lovely if you could show Tom your support by check out his social channels @veganfoodwraps on Instagram and Facebook, as starting a new company can be quite daunting so all kind words of encouragement are hugely appreciated.

So for anyone thinking of going plastic free or swapping to a zero waste lifestyle but not wanting to forgo their vegan choices, we hope we have created a practical solution that you will love just as much as we do!

Carly, Fran (& Tom) x

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