Buy Well, Buy Once

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As the Plastic Free movement starts to gain real momentum it can be hard to navigate what products are good and what are bad. In a world where buying cheap products that only last a few uses has become the norm, we are working hard to change our buying habits. We are big believers in buying well and buying once.

When we began making beeswax wraps, we were making them for our own use. We wanted them to be really sticky so they continued to seal around our food use after use. We wanted them to be flexible so they were easy to mould around bowls, food etc. We also wanted them to last as long as possible, so the wax didn’t begin to crack once we had used them a few times and it didn’t flake off after washing. This lead us to the mix of local beeswax, pine resin and organic jojoba oil we now use and the careful way that we hand make them. It is easy to make a beeswax wrap, but it’s not easy to make one that will last a year and keep on working beautifully time after time.

These are the reasons why our reusable beeswax wraps are the best quality you can buy;

They Seal

Our wax mix is the perfect combination of flexibility and stick. The flexibility allows the fabric to easily mould over bowls and the stickiness ensures a strong seal around all of your food, keeping it beautifully fresh.

They Don’t Fray

By hand cutting all of our wraps with pinked edges we can ensure that our wraps will never fray. We also cut before we wax so every edge is sealed with our brilliant wax mixture.

They Last

When we say they last up to a year, we mean they last up to a year. Because we hand make them we can make sure that every fibre of the cotton is soaked in the wax, this stops the wax from cracking or flaking off the wrap after you have used and washed it a few times.

But, we are not just about a great quality product, we are also about a great quality business. We are B Corp Certified, we are Living Wage employers and we are members of the Surfers Against 250 Club. So not only are you choosing a product that will last, you are supporting a company that is making decisions that have a positive impact on our environment and our community.

Carly & Fran x (mic drop)