Back To School With Beeswax Wraps 2019

Brighten up their lunchtime!

Even just thinking about doing a plastic free lunch box can feel exhausting, especially if you are like us, putting lunches together when we should be leaving the house. As we gear up and plan to be more organised we thought it might be useful to share our tips on how we use our beeswax wraps to help you reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our kids lunch boxes.

Beeswax wrap sandwich pouch.png

Tip 1. Wrapping Sandwiches with Beeswax Wraps

Definitely an obvious tip, but most people don’t realise the huge benefit of wrapping your sandwiches in beeswax wraps. When you wrap sandwiches in clingfilm they end up a little limp and sweaty and generally squashed. With a beeswax wrap the sandwich is able to breath so the bread stays lovely and fresh, plus it protects it from being bashed by fruit or being squashed at the bottom of their bag.

Beeswax wrap snack pouch.png

Tip 2. A Beeswax Wraps Pouch For Snacks

One of the hardest things was stopping the usual bag of crisps that went on their lunch boxes. But we found an even better replacement, and a much cheaper one too! Popcorn, we buy our popcorn in bulk from Plastic Free Pantry we make it either in the morning or the night before and sprinkle a bit of salt and sugar over it. Super simple and it genuinely doesn’t take long at all. We then whip up a quick pouch out of a medium beeswax wrap and pop the popcorn in there to keep it fresh and sealed. Making a pouch is super simple, just follow our tutorial video for the step by step instructions.

Tip 3. Protect Your Fruit with Beeswax Wraps

There is so much lovely soft fruit around at the moment but we always had complaints that the nectarine, peach or plum in their lunch box was too dented or squashed by the time they came to eat it so a juicy mess was usually left in their lunch boxes. We now use one of our small beeswax wraps to wrap any fruit we put in their lunchbox. We even wrap bananas to stop the smell of the banana permeating the other food, it works wonders!

Our Beeswax Wrap Lunch Packs come in 3 different designs to brighten up anyones lunchtime and can be found in our shop. Remember you can also find vegan alternatives over on our sister site Vegan Food Wraps.

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