Plastic Free Lesson Plan

Both Carly and Tom (Frans Husband) are qualified teachers, they have worked on a plastic free teaching resource that can be used for KS2 and KS3. It provides a foundation for a fun and interactive lesson that will help you explore the impact of plastics on our environment and how we have come to rely on them in our everyday lives. With this Plastic Free lesson plan you will be enabling your students to get a deeper understanding of the issues and how to have a proactive and positive influence at home, at school and within their local community.

We would love to have your feedback and see the outcomes from your lessons that we could share and use to encourage other schools to take part. Please get in touch through the Contact Us page

We hope you find this plastic pollution lesson plan useful and a great tool to challenge and empower your students, to see that they are the ones who can really make a change.

Click here to download the Plastic Free Lesson Plan as a PDF

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