Back To School With Beeswax Wraps

Preparing for back to school is a bit like New Year’s Day. We’re full of positive plans to always pre-prepare a plastic free lunch box, remember PE kits, and wash uniforms at the beginning and not the end of the weekend!

The reality, however, is that these resolutions last little longer than a week. Life gets in the way and before you know it you’re scrambling around for clothes that pass as PE kit and easy lunches.

We obviously can’t help you be any more organised (though we are sending good vibes your way!), but we can do our best to make the plastic free school lunch prep easier. Hopefully our tips and tricks will be easy and inspiring with our back to school beeswax wrap ideas.

Wrapping Sandwiches with Beeswax Wraps

We know it seems a little obvious, but there are sooo many benefits to wrapping your sandwiches in beeswax wraps. First and foremost, with beeswax wraps you no longer have to endure squashed and sweaty sandwiches (thanks a lot cling film…)!

Their natural properties help to keep your food fresh, which means you can prep a few days worth of sandwiches to store in the fridge. We’ve even had a few people recommend making sandwiches and then wrapping them in beeswax wraps and popping them in the freezer! A brilliant idea if you prefer to batch-make, just remember to get them out in plenty of time to enjoy at lunch.

Create a Beeswax Wrap Pouch for Snacks

For us, one of the hardest plastic-free swaps was giving up bags of crisps. They’re easy, and taste pretty good too. But we’ve come up with a few easy ideas you can offer instead, all plastic-free!

The first is popcorn! Super cheap, available from most Zero Waste Shops, we make a big batch the night before or morning of school, sprinkle it with salt or sugar (or sometimes both!) and voila! 

The second, is roasting chickpeas. They take an hour in the oven and can be seasoned with many different flavours (our favourite is good old fashioned salt and pepper or a spicy cajun flavour!). They’ll go crispy and crunchy just like crisps, but are far more filling and a slightly healthier option too.

Both of these plastic-free lunchbox snacks can be stored in beeswax wraps (surprise surprise!). You can really quickly turn your medium wrap into a pouch for storing snacks and keeping them fresh and sealed in school bags. Watch the video below for our quick and easy step-by-step guide.

Protect Your Fruit with Beeswax Wraps

If you’re relying on the little ones to keep their food stored safely in their bag, think again! It’s squashed sandwiches and black bananas galore at our house, and don’t get us started on leaky soft fruit.

If you’ve got extra beeswax wraps, use them to wrap up apple and soft fruits like nectarine, peaches and plums. It will give the fruit a fighting chance against everything else in their bag, and help reduce food waste. 

We even wrap bananas in beeswax wraps to stop the smell of the banana permeating the other food, it works wonders!

A Multi-Use Reusable Bag

And multi-wonder because it’s our lunch bag, our produce bag for shopping, our PE kit bag, our overnight bag… it’s uses are endless!

When we began making our set of Three Reusable Bags, we found them an invaluable addition to our plastic-free toolkit. Use them as a lunch bag, as a PE Kit bag, and even for your zero waste shop.

We’ve created the perfect Beeswax Wrap bundle for tackling school lunches. Most of our designs are available in our Four Combo; two medium wraps (perfect for sandwiches and pouches) and two small wraps (perfect for wrapping fruit and veg). We’ve also got a few special designs for little ones; Playground Games or our Vegan Food Wraps.

If you’re looking for more plastic-free ideas for children, take a look at our Kid’s Activity Pack. We’ve also created resources for a Plastic-Free Lesson Plan we recommend passing onto your child’s school. Alongside this, we annually host a design competition for children, find out more here.